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10 Smart Home Myths That Simply Aren’t True

The release date:2020/12/2 0:00:00

From smart digital assistants spying on our every conversation to smart homes being a privilege of the rich and tech-savvy ones, many are the myths flying around about home automation.

While 5G causing the spread of COVID might be quickly appointed as an example of fake news, several of the misconceptions surrounding smart homes kind of make sense. You, too, might have brought up one or more of these objections.

That's why we decided to perform a quick fact-checking that resulted in this guide. We hope this article will provide some helpful guidance for considering implementing smart automation within your homes.

Without further ado, let's get started with the first myth.

1.Home Automation is Way Too Expensive

One of the leading disincentives for people resistant to home automation is the thought that it will be cripplingly expensive. Luckily, that's not the case.

Smart homes can be expensive, especially if you go for a custom-build designed specifically for your home. But they don't have to be expensive.

You don't need to automate your whole house all at once. You can first get started with our smart home products, including control panels, actuators, sensors, gateways, and many more. Our solutions employ the KNX standard as well as our proprietary technology, Buspro and Buspro Wireless.

You'll have then the makings of hands-free control at a very reasonable price. After you laid the foundation of your smart home ecosystem, you can still upgrade and expand the home automation systems in your home at any time.

From here, build in additional devices as you go, expanding and upgrading the list of smart home devices that best fit your budget. In other words, smart homes are as costly as you would want them to be.

Trust us; you really won't be spending much for a connected home. Smart homes are no longer the domain of the affluent, and now you can create yours at a fraction of what it cost previously. In fact, smart home systems can add real value in terms of energy savings and property worth.

2.You Need To Be Extremely Tech-Savvy To Use Smart Devices

Another common myth surrounding home automation is that it will be too complicated to adopt, especially for novices.

Even in this case, this statement is far from true. The vast majority of smart home devices can be implemented either by non-tech-savvy people or with professionals like HDL Automation.

With a smart home hub, all you'll need to do next is download an app on your smartphone. You can eventually add a smart speaker - like Google Home or Amazon Echo - to the mix if you fancy voice-controlled digital assistants.

In essence, that is the extent of the tech skills required to get started with home automation.

Some smart home ecosystems are easier to get on with than others. If you're looking for a user-friendly entry point to home automation, we recommend contacting the HDL Automation partners in your country. Do so, and you'll get a great connected home that's a dream to navigate and incredibly convenient.

3.Everyone Must Have a Smart Home at All Costs

Some people feel pressured to automate their homes even if it doesn't make sense for their lifestyle. There's no need to automate your home at all costs.

Sure, home automation can make your life easier, safer, and more convenient. However, this doesn't mean it's for everyone.

Imagine, for example, that you are renting an apartment for a limited period. Your landlord will not accept that you start installing hardwired devices into his or her property.

We always suggest anyone considering getting started with home automation to take plenty of time at the planning stage. It's better to ask yourself what you're hoping to achieve from investing in a smart home than to jump immediately into buying mode. In case of doubt, you know that you can rely on our experts at HDL Automation at any time.

4.You Don't Have Any Privacy With Smart Home Devices

In the past couple of years, several security breaches have made it clear that you need to take precautions against compromised data and home control. However, the same is true for any device.

You could inadvertently download a virus or let hackers access your smartphone at any time. The key here is not about getting scared or giving up using your smartphone at all. It's more about protecting yourself and your data.

If you are still conscious about privacy breaches, you can avoid any devices with a camera or microphone. You can also periodically change your smart home hub's privacy settings and install an antivirus on the device where your smart home app is installed.

In other words, there's no reason not to feel completely safe within your smart home if you plan its security carefully.

5.It's Not Worth Investing in a Smart Home

Well, investing in home automation can't bring immediate ROI, just like every other investment. It can make your life instantly quicker, safer, and more accessible. However, if you are looking for saving money off your electricity bills, then there's not usually an instant payload.

But keep patient, and you'll see that it's worth it, not only in terms of cutting energy waste and saving more money. Investing in smart home technology can increase the desirability and overall price if you're looking to sell your home.

6.Smart Homes Are Just Gimmicks

The smart home has barely started to become more commonplace, but plenty of skeptics question its value. They think home automation is a trend destined to fade soon.

People pushing this point of view often have a limited understanding of domotics. They're probably even confusing it with robotics. If home automation devices ought to be a temporary thing, then why would we be investing in this technology for such a long time?

The next time you're approaching your home door with your hands full of shopping bags, and it opens for you automatically, ask yourself if that smart lock is actually a gimmick.

The same is true for when you come back home from a rainy day, and your smart thermostat was already set to a warmer temperature so that you'd not be catching a cold.

7.Smart Home Devices Are Only About Digital Assistants Like Amazon Echo or Google Home

Say the word "smart home devices," and you'll hear people automatically thinking of smart digital assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Sure, these can indeed be part of a smart home hub. However, they are far from the only piece of this far more complex puzzle of smart home devices.

Amazon and Google indeed are some of the most significant players in the smart home industry. But they're not alone. These two tech giants are more widely known by consumers worldwide, but there are more home automation professionals to rely on, especially for more complex projects.

If you have any questions, contact us here or find our HDL Automation partners closer to your current location.

8.All The Smart Devices You Buy Can Immediately Work Together

A common mistake between smart home novices is buying a clutch of different devices at random and still expecting them to work smoothly together.

While technically speaking, they can be all called "smart devices," they actually lack a real unified protocol. It's almost as if they were speaking different languages, and they need a common standard that acts as a "translator."

Once you start becoming more familiar with home automation, you'll realize there are many different communication protocols: from Zigbee to Z-Wave, from Insteon to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And the list goes on.

That's why you'll need a home hub to get these devices working together on the same protocol. Before getting disappointed and willing to give up home automation as a whole, make sure to contact us to find what devices and smart home hubs would best fit your home.

9.Smart Home is Difficult to Maintain

Smart home systems are designed to make life easier for users without a strong technical background.

A well-configured system can work for many years. Sure, you might have to replace the batteries in certain devices and maybe even upgrade some fittings or devices. But your network of smart home appliances can basically stay intact.

Plus, you can monitor your smart home app to receive real-time notifications about everything happening within your home hub. You can rest assured that smart home devices rarely need any maintenance. Even if they do, you know you can rely on your appointed HDL Automation professional in your country for instant help.

10.You Need to Automate Everything All at Once

The beauty of home automation is that you can grow whenever you need it. You can start with one room and then automate more as you grow more confident in the benefits of living in a smart home.

Usually, people start installing smart lighting control systems or smart door locks, as these technologies are some of the most useful in our everyday lives.

As you can see, there are plenty of myths regarding the smart home industry. We recommend you always talk to an expert before making any decision. Get in touch with our home automation experts located in your country or fill out this form to ask for more information on making your home smarter with HDL Automation.

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