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  •  Tailor-made


With a global network of professional automation distributors and integrators, wherever you are in the world HDL can help you in your automation journey.

Each HDL representative understands that a smart home works with its owners, and can help you create a tailored solution specifically for your home.

This individualized approach to an automation installation means that your HDL smart home will always work exactly as you want it to.

Because the features and functions of a HDL system are completely customizable, you can work with your HDL integrator to put your own personal touch on your installation.

  •  Don’t like the icons used on your switches? We can change them.

  •  Want to control everything from your iPad? No problem, we can do that.

  •  Haven’t got space in your distribution box? The HDL system is completely modular. Just tell us where you want the system installed and we can do it.

Your HDL smart home is as flexible and adaptable as you need it to be.