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  •  Wall Panels

HDL has a dedicated range of wall mounted panels, which have been designed to control every element of your automated home. Powerful, yet simple to use, the HDL panel range features both capacitive touch screens and traditional switches. This lets you can control your home in a way that best works for you.

Every HDL wall panel is fully customizable, and available in a wide range of fascia materials.

Ready to unleash the full power of your automation installation, a HDL wall panel is your go to home controller.

  •  Siri

The world’s most popular voice assistant can now be used to fully control your HDL automation system.   

As easy as saying “Hey Siri turn on the lights”, you can take hands free control over every automated element within your home.

Perfect for when you’re washing the dishes, cooking, or in the middle of your morning rush, voice control makes automation management a cinch.

Available on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, or HomePod, Siri offers HDL empowered homes a powerful hands free control solution.

  •  Apps

Browse and download your favorite HDL automation control interface to your iOS or Android device. Fully compatible with a host of 3rd party control solutions, your HDL automation solutions can be directly managed via your phone or tablet.

In addition to 3rd party app support HDL has also developed its own app, HDL On.

More powerful, flexible, and responsive the previous HDL interfaces, HDL On brings system commissioning and system control into a single interface. Perfect for both home owners and system installers, the HDL On app is the ultimate home management solution.

  •  Automatic

At HDL we thought carefully about how people experience their homes.  Sometimes direct remote control is good, but a truly smart home should know what to do without being told.

That’s why HDL smart homes don’t need a wall panel or a control app.

As soon as you enter a room, the HDL system can be programmed to activate or deactivate any automated element within your home.

If you walk into your living room on a summer’s morning during a weekday, a scene can be set which turns the television to a news channel, opens the curtains, and turns on the air-conditioner.

If you return to your living room after work, the living room can be set to automatically close the curtains, raise the temperature, turn on mood lighting, and play your favorite Spotify playlist.  

Through a combination of sensor data and schedules, dynamic logic conditions enable your home to look after itself, and after you.