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Convention Centers

Large multi-purpose convention centers expend huge amounts of energy maintaining a comfortable visitor environment. Through unifying electrical expenditure into a single centrally controlled HDL system, a convention center can be managed more effectively and become more energy efficient.

This in turn leads to increased staff productivity, enhanced building safety, and reduced operational costs.

Capable of controlling lighting, AV devices, HVAC, audio, shading, and compatible with a wide array of 3rd party products and systems, HDL allows energy consumption to be reduced whilst enhancing the guest experience.  

In any convention center optimizing the main hall for exhibitors is crucial. That’s why HDL is able to provide zoned floor management. This revolutionary approach to building control effectively turns the exhibition hall into a stage, where the lighting, HVAC, and audio can be precisely controlled.

A convention center is more than a collection of halls though. With meeting rooms, cafeterias, toilets, corridors, offices, lifts, escalators, and a host of other amenities there exists an opportunity to dramatically increase a buildings green credentials. Through coupling sensor activated lighting and HVAC with intelligent environmental balancing, areas which are not in use can be put in a hibernation mode only awakening when a visitor approaches.

Among the many benefits offered by HDL are:

  •  On demand energy usage

  •  Precise centralized control of lighting, HVAC, audio, and shading

  •  Automatic control of lighting, HVAC, audio, and shading

  •  Reduced building operational costs

  •  Remote system monitoring from anywhere in the world

  •  Integration possibilities with 3rd party systems and machinery