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Car parks

Parking is important to any hotel, and maintaining a safe and secure car park is something that cannot afford to be overlooked. 

Unlike other areas in a building, a car park, especially an underground car park, needs constant and precise management.

To ensure a safe environment for staff and guests alike, HDL can enable:

  • Ventilation control and monitoring 

  • Security gate and door control and monitoring 

  • Lighting control and monitoring 

  • Carbon monoxide monitoring 

  • Air quality monitoring 

  • CCTV camera control and monitoring 

  • Heating and cooling control and monitoring

Through installing the above solutions, a car park can be managed centrally from a single point or operate completely autonomously. 

This means that:

  • Lighting can be activated when a presence is detected, and deactivated when an area is vacated.

  • If the system detects a buildup of harmful gasses, the ventilation system will automatically engage. 

  • Heating and cooling systems will be optimized to maintain a stable temperature. 

  • Security cameras can be monitored from anywhere in the hotel, or the world. 

  • Unauthorized door or gate access can be instantly detected, triggering alerts to be sent to security guards. 

  • If the system detects a fire, an alarm can be automatically triggered, whilst the emergency s

    ervices and hotel staff are automatically notified.

HDL can enable the critical systems installed into a car park to be viewed or controlled from a single point. 

Whether you prefer human supervision, or a fully autonomous car park solution, HDL technology can be used to create your ideal car park management system.