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Guest rooms

Guest rooms can make or break a hotel. As visitors often spend 95% of their time at a hotel in their rooms, providing them with an inviting and comfortable environment is of the highest importance.

As soon as a guest enters a room automated by HDL the difference is immediate. By simply opening the guest room door, a scene can be triggered which will turn on the lights, activate the AC, play a welcome message, and open or close the curtains.

Multiple customizable scenes can be created for each room, with each scene being able to accept adaptation parameters such as time, temperature, and light intensity. This gives the guest a room that is not simply automated, but truly intelligent.

HDL can empower a guest room so that energy is only expended when absolutely necessary. The moment an automated room is vacated, or unoccupied, its power consumption drops to nearly zero.

Once the guest returns, the room reactivates and restores the room’s systems to their previous usage states.

This equates to a room that not only exceeds a guest’s expectations, but is also incredibly energy efficient.

Uniformity and standardization is essential for hotel brands that wish to deliver a consistent guest room experience. That’s why HDL provides a solutions mold which can be applied to any hotel, of any age or size, across the globe.

All HDL systems and solutions have been developed to be maintenance free, and work holistically with 3rd party products so that a hotel’s efficiency, comfort, and convenience is maximized.