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Back of house areas such as service corridors, kitchens, launderettes, and staff offices are often underutilized when compared to their energy consumption levels.

HDL has developed a range of sensor driven solutions which enable hotels to reclaim these energy losses.

Most frequently installed into back of house areas are solutions which employ on demand activation, so that energy is expended only when necessary.

In addition to on demand energy management, areas of the hotel can be assigned different energy priority levels, which once exceeded can alert the building manager. This guidance can enable not only a more energy efficient hotel, but more energy conscious staff.

Our solutions can be integrated in to any hotel regardless of size or age, and can be managed automatically, centrally, or remotely.

Through installing a complete HDL automation system which encompasses light, HVAC, shading, and resource management a hotel can achieve energy savings of around 30%.

Due to these savings, an average full HDL hotel installation will have effectively paid for itself after six years.