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Automated facilities management means that the pool temperature will always be just right, the spa lighting and background audio always relaxing, and the gym will always be ready for an unscheduled visit. 

With HDL solutions able to be integrated into every element within a building, staff can take a step back so that tedious adjustments can be completed automatically. 

Thanks to HDL scenes, a room’s lighting, HVAC, and audio can work in conjunction to maximize comfort and efficiency.  From smooth piano, mood lighting, and an elevated temperature in the spa, to motion activated lighting, HVAC, and exercise equipment in the gym, a guest can experience uncompromising levels of service without encountering a single member of staff. 

This automatic activation and intelligent scene control make it easy for hoteliers to reduce energy wastage, without compromising the guest experience. 

Fully compatible with most hotel systems and devices directly, and able to be integrated with thousands of 3rd party products, HDL provides you an unprecedented level of automatic monitoring and control. 

Using HDL automation solutions, hoteliers can fully automate their:

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