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Hallways & stairwells

To enable an entire hotel to maximize its energy efficiency, we’ve created a range of solutions which are ideally suited to be installed into hallways and stairwells.

Often overlooked by PMS solutions, hallways and stairways are prime areas in which efficiency can be dramatically increased without affecting guests or staff.

Fully customizable, and able to be tailored to your exact requirements, HDL can help you create your ideal lighting solution. From lighting which automatically activates on an as needed basis, to emergency lighting scenes, a hotel’s stairways, halls, and passageways can be fully integrated into a single unified building control solution.

This seamless approach to whole hotel control can enable energy savings to be made, a more welcoming environment to be created, and safer emergency protocols created.

Due to the popularity of stairway and hallway automation, HDL has created three customizable plans which can be adapted to any hotel.

Enhanced Efficiency–

Stairway and hallway lighting will only be activated when a presence is detected. After 30 seconds the lighting is dimmed, and after 1 minute the lighting is deactivated. Light sensors used in conjunction with motion sensors ensure that lighting is not used when external illumination is sufficient.

Enhanced Experience –

When a guest has checked in for the first time, their doorway light or room number will be illuminated. As a guest approaches a hallway or stairway, follow me lighting will be activated. This turns on lighting as a user approaches, and slowly dims the lighting as they depart.  

Enhanced Security –

The sensors used for on demand lighting activation are incorporated into a building’s security system. This not only allows lighting to be trigged on an as needed basis, but security cameras activated, alarms sounded, and popup notifications sent directly to staff computer terminals.