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In a hotel areas which are open to the public are critical in shaping guest perception. Nowhere is this more important than in a hotel’s reception. Using HDL solutions lighting and shading can be employed to accentuate architectural details, enable a more welcoming color palate to be created, and subdue the sun’s harsh glare.

Through automated lighting and shading management, a dynamic atmosphere can be created in tune with the external lighting conditions. This means that rain or shine, summer or winter, your reception will always be ready to welcome guests.

Although lighting is an essential element of any public area, is not the only factor which contributes to a positive first impression. If an area is too hot or too cold, guests can instantly feel uncomfortable or restless.

With an array of temperature sensors available, HDL is able to directly control a room’s heating, ventilation, and cooling systems so that a comfortable thermal balance is always maintained.

This eliminates any hot or cold spots, and allows real time area specific temperature monitoring and control.

If HDL HVAC, lighting, and shading solutions are installed together, each system can work in harmony to minimize energy expenditure. This smart approach to energy efficiency can enable energy savings of around 30% to be made.

Ideal for public areas of a hotel which are constantly in an ‘always active’ state, energy consumption can be reduced whilst simultaneously improving the guest experience.