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Industrial Plants

Optimize your energy usage through enabling real time centralized control and monitoring over essential plant systems and integrated machinery.  

With the ability to automatically control a building's HVAC and lighting systems, and provide in depth energy usage data, plant operators are empowered to maximize their operational efficiency.

Any device which consumes electrical energy can be monitored in real time using HDL technology.

This allows unusual energy usage to be detected, so that steps taken to negate performance irregularities. In addition to system monitoring, energy usage alerts can also be set so that a supervisor can be updated immediately even if they are away from their station. 

Because the HDL KNX system is modular in nature, users can add functions or expand their HDL system at their own pace. Simple to install, and rigorously tested by HDL engineers, every HDL installation will be tailor made to meet your exact requirements. 

Regardless of how modern an industrial plant is, there always exists a possibility to increase its energy efficiency. With a HDL system in place, energy savings of up to 30% are common place. Enabled mainly through on demand activation, comprehensive energy monitoring, and smart activation, energy wastage can be minimized. 

Whether you are looking to automate a single lighting channel, or an entire plant, HDL has the tools and resources you need to make it happen.