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From bistros to three star fine dining establishments, the environment in which food is consumed plays an elemental part of how a guest experiences their meal.

If a restaurant is too cold, too quiet, or too dark the guest experience will be compromised.

A perfect balance between temperature, illumination, and acoustics must be maintained in order to allow a chef’s creations to truly shine.

In order to accomplish this HDL can automate the HVAC, illumination, and background audio systems in a restaurant so that staff can concentrate on service, not environmental management.

Able to be controlled from a password protected HDL KNX wall mounted user interface, or remotely via an iOS or Android device, staff can adjust the restaurants automated elements manually or simply leave the HDL system to manage everything automatically.

This automatic management can:

  •  Close blinds and curtains at set times or light intensities.

  •  Activate the HVAC system so that the temperature remains comfortable.

  •  Ensure that a constant illumination level is kept.

  •  Slowly lower lights and music so that guests are encouraged to leave organically when the restaurant closes.