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Tested, proven, and refined HDL automation solutions have demonstrated their ability to reduce a building’s energy usage, whilst improving comfort levels.

If a complete HDL automation solution is installed into an average office building, an energy reduction of around 30% can be achieved. This saving is enabled through combining on-demand lighting and heating activation, with real time hybrid system efficiency algorithms.

Although energy efficiency is integral to any HDL office solution, so is increasing the comfort of workers.

At HDL we enable employees to enhance their productivity by providing them with a safe, comfortable, and convenient work environment. Zoned constant lighting, AC, and ventilation control ensures that every member of the team can remain focused, regardless of the weather.

This zoned approach enables distinct spaces within an office to be created. Ideal for when members of a team have different opinions on what constitutes a comfortable environment, it allows a single space to be tailored to each workers specifications.   

Whether you are planning an office refurbishment, or building a new office bloc, HDL will be with you every step of the way to provide ongoing support, services, and guidance during your automation journey.

Once you have settled on what elements you wish to automate, our trained installers will be on hand to integrate your chosen HDL solutions.